Robert J Guinan - The Lifestyle Kitchen Book

Robert’s Debut Book

Robert’s debut book, The Lifestyle Kitchen, is packed full of practical advice and helpful tips to give readers the power to create their very own Lifestyle Kitchen, a space to be enjoyed with the people closest to them.

In 2017, fuelled by his belief that everyone deserves to have their very own Lifestyle Kitchen, Robert set out to write his debut book.

With this book, Robert hopes to give every reader the knowledge and power to create a space that is perfect for them, regardless of location, budget or circumstance. It is his aim to help one million homeowners achieve their perfect Lifestyle Kitchen, a space to be enjoyed with those closest to them, and what better way to do so than to put pen to paper and impart the knowledge gained through 16 years’ experience in the kitchen industry!

Aimed specifically at people who want to create their perfect open plan kitchen living space, the book covers topics such as social dynamics, ergonomic layout, cooking patterns, colours, styles and trends, appliances, lighting, budgeting and project completion. Robert also outlines his H.O.M.E. framework which offers readers the key ingredients required to increase Harmony, get more Organised, create the right Mood and choose the best Equipment for their perfect kitchen to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Whether you are knocking a wall down, considering an extension, or simply remodelling an existing kitchen, The Lifestyle Kitchen will provoke you to think differently about your space and encourage you not to settle for second best when choosing a kitchen designer to make your dreams a reality.

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